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Is there anyone who has this problem?

  • Problems with relationships with family, couples, love/lovers, and people at work

  • worries about work

  • Easy to feel anxious

  • I want to control my anger and anxiety

  • A lot of things have happened and I want to stabilize myself mentally.

  • ​I want you to hear about your current painful feelings.

  • ​I want to do something about the hardships and stress caused by changes in the environment and differences in countries and cultures.

  • Concerns about studying abroad and living abroad

  • ​Social worker supervision, etc.

No matter how big or small your problem is, we will take it seriously. Please feel free to contact us if you feel distressed without thinking, "This is...".


Counseling fee and type ▶︎

About the counselor▶︎​​


​ (Click here if you don't see me in the link above ⇩)

I am introduced on the homepage of the university I graduated from.


Thank you as always★


I have received counseling from Chie several times.

Of course, they listen carefully to what I have to say, but they also find my strengths in the parts of my incoherent stories and put them into words, which is always very encouraging. You don't just have to listen to it; they even give you suggestions on what you should keep in mind after counseling, so you always feel positive. Thank you as always ^ ^


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