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Hello, nice to meet you!

Here, we would like to introduce Counselor Tokuyama Chie's background and experience in detail.

I have experience working as a clinical social worker at a National hospital in Japan for about 7 years, providing assessments on a variety of issues including financial issues, social reintegration, palliative care, family reunification, and different kind of addiction problems.

After that, I move and graduated Master of Social work in Monash University in Australia in order to improve my social work expertise. After graduated, I worked as a tutor at the same university.As well as as a social worker providing psychological care to children who had suffered trauma and adults with disabilities. For three years from 2020, I taught at a Japanese university while also providing individual counseling. Currently, I have moved to Denmark, to enhance my knowledge of social work, and am conducting individual counseling while conducting research. I would like to provide counseling with the new research and technic/technology. 

Regarding my qualifications, as mentioned on the previous page, I have qualifications which are a social worker, mental health social worker, Australian social worker, kindergarten educator, and childcare worker. I have also completed basic art therapy training (in the UK) and am conducting research on self-care.


When it comes to counseling, I use my expertise and international perspective to understand your worries, hardships, and troubles from various angles, understand your thoughts, organize your story, and provide new perspectives. I hope that we can work together to find methods and resources for specific solutions. In addition, in individual art therapy sessions, it is possible to address and care for emotional disorders, stress, difficulty in living, and mental confusion through art. You can take it online.


Let's work together to resolve our current worries and hardships. Please feel free to contact us first.

I am very happy to have been introduced on the website of Monash University, the university where I graduated and where I gained experience in a teaching position.

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