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 In Japan, there are many people who are reluctant to receive counseling or feel that it does not apply to them, and some people feel that the hurdles are even higher when it comes to psychosomatic or psychiatric counseling. maybe. However, overseas, counselors are stationed in various places such as children's schools, adults' workplaces, etc., making it easy for children to receive counseling.


We launched this counseling room because we want everyone to know that talking about their problems, concerns, and hardships through counseling is an option, and to feel free to use it. I did.


 Counseling is something that everyone does on a daily basis. For example, have you ever felt refreshed or lighter after talking to a friend or family member about something difficult? This is also similar to receiving counseling. The difference with counseling is that by hearing from someone with specialized knowledge called a counselor, you may be able to understand yourself from a different perspective and find a safe and secure solution together. That means it's going to be expensive.


I have experience as a social worker and mental health worker in Japan, and as a social worker in Australia. I am also conducting research on art therapy (UK) and self-care. Art therapy sessions allow you to address and care for emotional disorders, stress, difficulty in living, and mental confusion through art. Art therapy sessions are also available via video counseling. Please feel free to contact us.


By using my expertise and international perspective, I can understand clients from various angles, understand their thoughts, organize their stories, provide new perspectives, and work towards specific solutions. I hope we can find ways and resources together. Let's work together to resolve our current worries and hardships. Please feel free to contact us first.

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